Go Quote Yourself

I was followed by a new business on Instagram yesterday. I checked them out to see what their story was. When I looked at their profile I saw that they were a new leather goods lifestyle brand. They had been around 6 weeks or so. The had 42 posts. 3 of which were their own pictures. I think the regram will be the nail in the coffin for Instagram. It was the only social media platform where you were required to share new material. Pinterest and Tumblr have become about curating existing material. Facebook and Twitter have the share and the RT. 

This got me thinking about the scarcity of original material out there. It's time we spend less effort curating and more creating. Create something to be shared. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or entirely new. It doesn't even have to be that great. This post isn't the best ever written. It will be ingonored or forgotten by most who read it. Some little part of it will stick with someone though. 

Put something out there. A new picture, sentence, thought, anything. Some point to be referenced later, even if it is only by you. Become quotable.

Jordan Lee1 Comment