Some new additions to the shop.

I've gotten a little design time in last month. So there are some new additions to the shop.  

First I've finally started to play around with some leathers other than the vegetable tanned leather I usually work with.

Oil Tanned Magellan

This is the Magellan Notebook reworked with some Oil Tanned Leather.

Oiled Small Case

And I came up with a little pouch made from the same. If you are not familiar with oil tanned leather it was mainly used for chaps and motorcycle bags since it's pretty water resistant. It also has a pull-up which means the leather gets lighter where you bend and scratch it. It's also a lot softer than veg tan leather.

Finally I released a new version of the passport case. This is the first time I'm making them available online. This is version 3.0 for those playing along at home.


2014-05-20 14.09.58-1


All of these new items and many others can be found in the store here.