The Great Weathered Leather Experiment

GWLE Photo

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I spend a lot of time talking to people about how the leather I use  is the kind of leather that ages well. There is a lot of use of the word patina. It's a beautiful and individual thing, but kind of hard to show people if you don't have lots of well worn stuff.

The even cooler part is how each piece will develop its own character based on how the person uses it. Every item I make is handmade and unique, but that is only half of the equation. The other half comes from the people who buy it, carry it around, beat it up, and live with it.

So I have devised an experiment. Twelve lucky individuals will receive a free bracelet. Each one will be numbered and unfinished. In exchange for this bracelet I ask that they document the aging process over a twelve month period.

The nitty gritty:

  • These are free. You don't have to pay anything for them.
  • Each bracelet will arrive unfinished with a single coating of oil on it.
  • Each will have a number so we can all keep track of them.
  • Once every month I will send out an email reminder asking you to snap a photo of your bracelet and fill us in on any interesting developments in the life of the leather (IE. my dog chewed on it. I spilled beer all over it. I took it to the beach. I just put some conditioner on it...)
  • By submitting photos you will be giving me permission to publish them on the internet. I will not share any of your private information with anyone, ever. Instead there will be an update, for example,  from bracelet 3 of 12 with the picture you shared that month.
  • Only one bracelet per person.
  • Only 12 bracelets will be made available.
  • Please measure for bracelet size carefully as I will not be replacing mismeasured sizes.

The don't be a jerk clause:

  • Hey, don't be a jerk. Yes, it is free, but I expect you to send in some pictures and follow up on my emails. I'm too small of a business to give away stuff for nothing. So please help me out and stay on board for the full 12 months.

If this sounds like fun to you email me at with the subject line the "The Great Weathered Leather Experiment."  I will only accept the first 12 emails I receive. Sending multiple emails will only annoy me. If you are one of the first twelve I will send you an email asking for your bracelet size and the address I can mail it to.

Looking forward to seeing how this works out. Stay tuned for exciting updates.