The Weathered Leather Update for September.

Title Sept

Well, we are one month in and already the bracelets are looking very different from each other.


WLE day one.



Getting and little tan and some ruggedness on the edges.



Two is getting some sun and a little darker.



Three belongs to an adventurous 10 year old. He is keeping a journal to document the process. So far this bracelet has been tanned in the sun, coconut oiled, splashed with jelly, and gotten chicken poop on it.



4 Sept



Five is starting to show some interesting texture. To compare to Four this one survived a canola related baking incident. The lighter oil hasn't darkened as much as the olive oil.




Six is developing a little hint of a tan.



Has gone AWOL. Where are you #7? We miss you.



Eight looks to have been pampered. Crisp edges and still on the lighter side.



Nine has been doing some rough living. Rough edges and some nice scuff marks. I'm guessing it smells like coffee.



Really surprised by how dark Ten has gotten already. It's been worn everyday, traveled to Rhode Island, and dosed with some "Saratoga Olive Oil Persian Lime Organic Olive Oil". Which, in addition to darkening it quite a bit, it "smelled lime-ish" for about half a day.  **I'm really loving the stories that are rolling in with these pictures.



Eleven arrived at my inbox in the form of a banana-gram. Lots of nice color and I'm curious about the dark mark. Is that from the back of the snap?



Twelve has an interesting story too. This nice color is what happens if you put the bracelet out in the vineyard for a month. Hasn't been worn. It's gotten lots of sun and rain. I'm interested to see what it looks like after a little oil.


And there you have it. It has only been a month so far and already each bracelet is totally unique. Thanks for playing everyone!!!