Unfollow Your Dreams

Finding the right kind of inspiration can be tricky. After years of thorough investigation I have concluded that the worst place to go looking for it is on the Internet. If you want true inspiration stop looking at the work of your peers. Do it right now. Log into your social media accounts and unfollow anyone working in your medium. Why? Because what you are gleaning from them isn't inspiration, or at least it's not your inspiration.

You know how when you get a paper cut and it hurts for a minute but then you don't feel it anymore? I think inspiration works the same way, that little paper cut is sending information to your brain over and over again until your brain is like "Yeah, I get it. Shut up".  If you are constantly bombarding your brain with other people's signals then your own will get lost.

So a few weeks ago I did a little inspirational detox. I unfollowed everyone that works in my medium (I left a few that I enjoy reading because of the material they post not their work). I stopped reading the product catalogs that arrive at my door step. In general I have dropped out of the community around my medium. The result is that I'm coming up with my own answers and better ones at that. Inspiration is not Plug-and-Play. So stop taking a little bit from here and a little bit from there. Cut down on the noise so you can hear your own voice. 

Jordan Lee1 Comment