By purchasing this knife you are irreversibly intertwining your destiny and its. Serious bodily harm can occur during unusually rousing games of mumbely-peg, attempting to recreate the scene in "Aliens" in which Bishop the android does "the thing", in the course of defending yourself during bus related street violence while babysitting, or while defeating Lo Pan using your cat like reflexes granted to you by the special gourd potion given to you by Egg Shen which has you feeling kind of invincible. Additionally, by owning or carrying this knife you could potentially open yourself up to legal prosecution in your municipality. For example in my state (Ohio) it is legal to own any kind of knife but illegal to carry or conceal any sort of potentially deadly weapon. Since the law never defines what is potentially deadly (and thanks to 80's television blockbuster MacGuyver) you can face prosecution for carrying a combination of aluminum foil, tooth picks, a rubber band, two really unripe avocados, one tampon, and a 9v battery. You may want to check with the laws in your area as I am a professional leather worker and am not remotely qualified to provide legal counsel.

As such by purchasing this knife you are assuming full and total responsibly for its safe and responsible use. You are also agreeing to not hold me (Jordan Lee), Wright and Rede, and any of its component parts (human or otherwise) responsible for any damage (physical, professional, emotional, mental, socioeconomic, karmic, metaphysical, and/or pertaining to your liberty or right to vote) resulting from your using or purchasing this knife.