Sgraffito 52 Zip-Up Zipper Wallet

Sgraffito 52 Zip-Up Zipper Wallet


All profit from the sale of this item will be donated to the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

The 52 Zip-Up Zipper Wallet

A sleek profile on a modern design. This wallet features a solid brass Riri Zipper fitted central pocket and two additional external pockets. The center pocket is perfect for holding important items like cash and credit cards securely. While the set of external pockets are a great place to store items that you'd like to access quickly.

As is the case with everything at Wright and Rede, this item has been saddle stitched by hand for lasting durability. It has also been hand dyed with aniline dye to highlight the unique character of each piece of leather.

  • Dimensions: 5" W x 3" H x 0.5" D

  • Color: Chestnut exterior x Chestnut interior x Brown stitching x White zipper tape. Brass accents.

  • Materials: U.S. sourced vegetable tanned steer hide, solid brass hardware.

About the 52 Zip-Up Project.

This is a project that explores the idea of individual style. A standard from was chosen and each week I will make a different style of that form that will explore currying methods, hand dyeing techniques, and material selection. By isolating the variable of form I will be able to explore what defines Wright and Rede's style. The result will be 52 unique wallets produced over a year's time. The profits of which will be donated to the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

About the Sgraffito Collection

Sgraffito: a form of decoration made by scratching through the surface to reveal of lower layer of contrasting color. ⠀

Normally done on ceramics to reveal a glaze underneath the surface glaze. 

I’ve accomplished the same effect by carefully scratching the leather prior to dyeing it. The scratched surface absorbs more dye resulting in a dark line similar to an ink line.


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