Two-Tone Card Sleeve

Two-Tone Card Sleeve


Two-Tone Card Sleeve

Light weight, simple design. Holds 20-50 business cards. Sits in a jacket pocket without weighing it down, causing the dreaded lop-sided professional.  Can also be used as a simple wallet for all the wallet-phobes out there. Great for front pockets or back.

  • Dimensions: 3 W x 4 H x 0.25 D

  • Color: Sapphire Blue exterior x Chestnut interior x Chestnut stitching.

  • Materials: U.S. sourced vegetable tanned steer hide.

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Made the right way.

Hand stitched. Hand dyed. Hand crafted.

Every item I make is produced entirely by hand. When I say by hand I don't mean I use my hands to feed it into a machine. Every last stitch is punched and sewn with an awl and two needles held between my fingers. A saddle stitch done this way will outlast anything done on a sewing machine. I hand dye every inch of leather with dyes I mix in-house. This allows me to eschew the uniformity that is required in factory made goods and make something that stays true to the individual character of the hide. All the leather is domestically sourced from a small town in Pennsylvania. Like the history I am keeping alive in practicing my trade, properly taken care of, this wallet will become a part of your personal history. If there was a better way to have made this wallet I would have done so.