Hayward Clutch

Hayward Clutch


The Hayward Clutch

Chestnut exterior x Chestnut interior x Chestnut stitching

Large enough to carry what you need when just running out but small enough to pop into a tote when running around all day. This design has a trimmer and elongated profile to add a touch of sophistication. The low clearance at the top and the double snap closure ensures that your biz will stay securely inside even during particularly rousing retellings about that guy that cut you off on your way into work this morning or well coordintated gesticulations at impromptu dance parties.

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Each item is hand made from start to finish. I start with whole sides of un-dyed vegetable tanned leather. I then cut, shape, and hand-dye each individual piece. I then finish and seal the piece with a house-made dubbin finish to provide water resistance and a satiny luster. Please note: this is vegetable tanned leather so it will develop a patina with age and exposure.