Indigo Dyed Belhoste Wallet

Indigo Dyed Belhoste Wallet


Indigo Dyed Belhoste

A unique profile for a simple wallet. It features two card slots (1-2 cards each). A side pocket for a larger stack of cards (5-10) and a hidden pocket for folded cash. Despite it's extra capacity this wallet maintains a slim profile making it perfect for every day use.

  • Dimensions: 3.5 W x 4.75 H x .5 D
  • Color: Indigo Exterior x Chestnut Interior x White Stitching
  • Materials: Natural Indigo Dye, U.S. sourced vegetable tanned steer hide

Each item is hand made from start to finish. I start with whole sides of un-dyed vegetable tanned leather. I then cut, shape, and hand-dye each individual piece. After they dry, I hand stitch them together with waxed thread for durability. I then finish and seal the piece with a house-made dubbin finish to provide water resistance and a satin luster.

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