The Keystone Tote

The Keystone Tote


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The Keystone Tote

Tired of all the floppy sided totes I've seen I decided to make something a little more structural. This bag stands alone. Full to the top or completely empty this tote won't flop over and dump your life out onto the sidewalk. The supple leather that makes up the six inch gusset allows the bag to be comfortably worn over your shoulder and conform to your side. The wider stance of the bag and handles distributes weight more evenly so that even when fully laden it won't dig into your shoulder.

With a 15" opening and a 18" base it will fit the largest laptop I could find and at six inches deep there will still be plenty of room for file folders, a small clutch, a bulky sweater, a digital camera, and anything else you might carry around with you on a daily basis.  The interior of the bag also has a 6" x 11" pocket for holding a phone or other small items you don't want to have to dig around for. The entire bag is saddle stitched by hand. All of the leather has been hand dyed as well.

  • Dimensions: (Opening)15 W (Base) 18 W x 12 H x 6 D. Handle has a 9" drop.
  • Color: Chestnut exterior x Chestnut interior x Chestnut stitching. Brass accents
  • Materials: U.S. sourced vegetable tanned steer hide, solid brass hardware.
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Made the right way.

Hand stitched. Hand dyed. Hand crafted.

Every item I make is produced entirely by hand. When I say by hand I don't mean I use my hands to feed it into a machine. Every last stitch (1026 on this bag) is punched and sewn with an awl and two needles held between my fingers. A saddle stitch done this way will outlast anything done on a sewing machine. I hand dye every inch of leather with dyes I mix in-house. This allows me to eschew the uniformity that is required in factory made goods and make something that stays true to the individual character of the hide. All the leather is domestically sourced from a small town in Pennsylvania. Like the history I am keeping alive in practicing my trade, properly taken care of, this bag will become a part of your personal history. If there was a better way to have made this bag I would have done so.