New Standard Belt

New Standard Belt


*** Made to order. Belts will ship 2 weeks after order date.***

The New Standard Belt

Cut from 10 oz. Hermann Oak, vegetable tanned leather then hand dyed and finished. The leather for these belts comes from the area of the hide know as the bend. The bend, which is the center most part of the hide, is known for its strength and resistance to stretching. 

The edges of each belt are rounded and burnished to protect them from wear and increase longevity. The buckles and Chicago screws are solid brass. The Chicago screws are removable should you ever want to change out the buckle. 

Properly taken care of this belt will only improve as it ages. All parts were domestically sourced from within the US. This belt was made entirely by hand and without the use of a machine.


  • Dimensions: 1.5" W x Custom Cut Length + 6 Hole Adjustment Range*
  • Color: Hand dyed Chestnut Exterior and Interior, Hardware available in Antique Brass or Nickle finishes.
  • Materials: U.S. sourced, vegetable tanned, steer hide. Solid brass hardware

* To determine belt length: Get out your favorite belt. Measure from where the leather wraps around the base of the buckle to the hole you use when wearing the belt. This is often, but not always, 3" larger than your pant size. If you are using a particularly light weight belt to measure from, add a size as your new belt will be of a thicker leather and therefore fit tighter. If you come up with an odd number, round up.


****Belts are cut to length and not returnable. If you are unsure about your size please contact me before ordering.***

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