Lose Yourself In the Process. Find Yourself in the Art.

I grew up and live in the rust belt. Utilitarianism is our bread and butter. It’s ultimately why I gave up on a Fine Arts career. I couldn’t wrap my head around the value of art. You can’t eat it. You mostly can’t sleep under it, or wrap yourself up for warmth. What’s the actual point? “It looks nice.” was too hard of a pill for me to swallow. It’s funny to me that now through my craftsmanship I’m working my way backwards to the answer. If you are looking for a purely utilitarian wallet, make one out of duct tape. But somewhere inside I know there is something more important that pure utility. Yes, it should have to work well, but it has to do something more to be of value. It should make you feel good when you touch it. Or become a small part of how you identify yourself. I think that might hint at the utility of Art. You can look at something someone else made and find something of yourself in it

Jordan LeeComment