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Old World Trades for New World Needs

I began Wright and Rede in 2012 after a fruitless search for a wallet that was well made, visually appealing, and didn't cost a week's pay. It inspired me to want to see a shift in the way we look at the little things we use everyday. I don't believe in the "they don't make them like they use to" mentality.  We can.  I do.

I combine knowledge gleaned from 18th century trade manuals to a modern design aesthetic. Each and every item is made by hand in my workshop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I use clean lines and a lack of ornamentation allow the natural beauty of the material to show through. Quality construction and attention to detail combine to create something that will develop age and character as you carry it with you on your journey through life.

The little things we use every day are like our signature. They can speak for us. Like a grandfather's pocket watch or notes written in the margin of a cookbook.

How will your story be told?