The Manifesto

  1. Everything has a cost. Be that cost time, money, thought, or respect. Something of value has a worth greater than what is spent for it. Create things of value.

  2. Any commercial entity acting in modern society has a responsibility to the welfare of the community from which it profits.

  3. There are no substitutes for integrity, style, or common sense.

  4. Complacency breeds mediocrity. When deciding between two choices, choose that which is less comfortable.

  5. If it's cool, but not useful, it's not cool.

  6. The best solution is always the simplest one. Avoid artifice and gimmickry.

  7. Beauty and practicality are not mutually exclusive. Create beauty in the commonplace.

  8. Authenticity cannot be bought, sold, or copied. It can only be lost.

  9. Aiming for the lowest common denominator will only create something that is beneath us all.

  10. Be the author of your own story. Write one that is worth retelling.